Fairbury Cemetery has partnered with Windy Prairie Systems, Inc., to provide a burial records database accessible from our onsite kiosk or from your computer or other electronic device. The following are brief instructions on how to find a record:

    1. Go to
    2. Click on “Search Our Records” at the top of the page.
    3. In the “Burial Record Search” section, click the “Search Burials” button.
    4. You can enter a first name or last name in the appropriate boxes; you can even type a partial name. Select “Fairbury Cemetery” from the pull-down menu, and then click “Search.”
    5. When the results appear, you can click on the line of the individual whose detailed burial information you would like to view. The next page shows the burial location and general area on the map.
    6. Click the “Back” arrow in your browser to start a new search.

Note that Windy Prairie allows for the opportunity to provide even more information about an individual (photo, obituary, etc.) in our database. If you are interested in the possibility of enhancing your loved one’s Windy Prairie burial record with personalized content, please get in touch with our superintendent or one of our board members.