Rules and Regulations

The most current Cemetery rules and regulations are attached below. Printed copies are also available at the superintendent's office. Cemetery lot owners are subject to the rules in effect at the time of their lot purchase, or the most current rules, whichever provide for the broadest rights and privileges of owners. Our rules are continuously reviewed, and amendments may be made whenever it is deemed necessary upon due consideration by the board.

The Cemetery board receives questions from time to time about why some of the Cemetery rules are set as they are. To that end, we are working to develop an FAQs page that includes the rationale behind these rules. Cemetery lot owners and prospective owners are encouraged to reach out to members of the board with other questions, concerns, or grievances. Please remember that our Cemetery superintendent operates under the direction of the board and is not authorized to disregard or grant exceptions to the rules and regulations.

Fairbury Cemetery Rules 4-30-2021.pdf